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Skills based co-parenting class meets most counties minimum requirement.


Bastrop County Family Court Parent Education

Active is currently set as active and a recognized resource within Bastrop County. Please check the surrounding Counties, Districts, and Judges specific to Family Law (Burleson County, Lee County, Washington County, Williamson County, Travis County, Hays County, Caldwell County, Gonzales County, and Fayette County) to verify that your court accepts online parenting education as an alternative if you have been court ordered to take a parent education class (such as the in-person parenting classes “For Kids’ Sake” and “Putting Kids First”) within Bastrop County.

Courthouse Location & Contact Information

Bastrop County Courthouse Location

804 Pecan Street, Bastrop, TX 78602
(512) 581-7100

Monday — Thursday
8:00 am — 5:00 pm

8:00 am — 4:00 pm

Sarah Loucks
District Clerk

phone: (512) 332-7244
fax: (512) 332-7249
Bastrop District Clerk Page

Carson Campbell
21st District Court Judge

Deborah Shirocky Court Coordinator
phone: (512) 581-4037
fax: (512) 581-4038
21st District Page

Reva Towslee-Corbett
335th District Court Judge

Deborah Shirocky Court Coordinator
phone: (512) 581-4037
fax: (512) 581-4038
335th District Page

Christopher D. Duggan
423rd District Court Judge

Deborah Shirocky Court Coordinator
phone: (512) 581-4037
fax: (512) 581-4038
423rd District Page

Check With The Court

Even though is an accepted resource within Bastrop County, it is always best to verify class acceptance with the court or district judge prior to attending any online program as we are not familiar with the specifics of your case. The status for does not always guarantee approval of our classes and it is always best to check with your assigned judge.

Price Matching within Bastrop County offers competitive pricing specific to Bastrop County. If you find another approved online resource in your area that is cheaper, please let us know and we would be happy to honor that price as well. also provides discounts to lower income families. View additional details.

Did You Know?

Population: 84,761 (2017)
Twitter: is a recognized Co-Parenting Online Education resource within Bastrop County, Texas. This includes but is not limited to the following cities within the state of Texas: Bastrop, Cedar Creek, Elgin, McDade, Paige, Red Rock, Rosanky, Smithville.

The 21st District Court, 335th District Court, and 423rd District Court are the trial courts of general jurisdiction of Bastrop County, Texas. The geographical area served by each court is established by the Legislature, but each county must be served by at least one district court. In sparsely populated areas of the State, several counties may be served by a single district court, while an urban county may be served by many district courts.

In addition, the 21st District Court, 335th District Court, and 423rd District Court have original jurisdiction in felony criminal cases, divorce cases, cases involving title to land, election contest cases, civil matters in which the amount of money or damages involved is $200 or more, and any matters in which jurisdiction is not placed in another trial court. While most district courts try both criminal and civil cases, in the more densely populated counties the courts may specialize in civil, criminal, juvenile, or family law matters.

Electronic Filing within Bastrop County

Beginning July 1, 2015, the Texas Supreme Court requires all Civil, Family and Probate cases to be filed electronically. Bastrop County is already live and accepting filings. Civil and Criminal E-filing is mandatory. If you are an attorney, you are required to E-file. If you are Pro-Se (representing yourself), you may still file by bringing your paper filing to the Bastrop County Clerk’s Office. The office will scan it into their case management system and return the paper documents to you. They do not accept Fax filings. Please visit for more information or contact the Bastrop County Clerk’s Office at (512) 332-7244, if you have any questions.