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Skills based co-parenting class meets most counties minimum requirement.


Co-Parenting/Divorce Help for Lavaca, Texas

The Texas Family Code FAM §105.009 has a provision related to taking a Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. Lavaca County complies with this order and requests that parties register for and complete this course within forty-five (45) days of either the filing of the petition or motion to modify or the receipt of notice of the petition or motion, and prior to any final hearing.

TEXAS, Lavaca

Courses within Lavaca County may be ordered in cases affecting the parent-child relationship such as: divorce, action to modify an order in relation to a parent-child relationship providing for custody of or access to a child. In the best interest of the child specific to Lavaca County, parties may be ordered to attend a parent education and family stabilization per court requirements.

Length: Course requirement may be four to six hours but additional programs or requirements be ordered. meets the requirements set forth by the State of Texas specific to Lavaca County. For detailed course requirements review the to Texas Family Code Section 105.009, the course must cover following issues:

  • Under the Texas Family Code a “court may take appropriate action with regard to a party who fails to atend or complete a course ordered by the court under this section, including holding the party in contempt of court, striking pleads, or invoking any sanction provided by Rule 215, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure”
  • All Parents who are parties in Divorce with Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR) or motions to modify custody MUST attend a course in a Parent Education Program.

Class is designed to assist families during transition specific to what is in the child’s best interests. Co-parenting programs within Lavaca County are most effective when taken upon filing and beneficial if both parents register and complete similar Parent Education Course so they are using similar skills and tools while co-parenting.